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Fairfax City, VA-avs joblo tuner1
Most recent update from tuner: 2021-09-21 23:02:24 EDT

RFV. Ch.CallsignLast ReceivedDistanceCurr SSCurr MER
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77WJLA-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2414.28100100
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968WUSA2021-09-21 23:02:2414.28100100
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1113WJZ-TV2021-09-21 23:00:3948.87570 dB
1211WBAL-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2448.876250
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1449WWTD-LD2021-09-21 23:02:2413.836786
1550WFDC-DT2021-09-21 23:02:2413.83100100
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1717WPHL-TV2021-09-21 21:14:50137.77470 dB
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2122WMPT2021-09-21 23:02:2439.186886
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2410WDCO-CD2021-09-21 23:02:2413.846379
2554WNUV2021-09-21 23:02:2448.996499
2645WBFF2021-09-21 23:02:2448.996176
272WMAR-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2448.876378
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3047WIAV-CD2021-09-21 23:02:2413.8486100
3126WETA-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2414.28100100
3231WRZB-LD2021-09-21 23:02:2413.836150
3332WHUT-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2414.2885100
344WRC-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2413.83100100
3566WPXW-TV2021-09-21 23:02:2413.69100100
3620WTTG2021-09-21 23:02:2413.69100100
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Number of stations: 19
Maximum distance: 137.77 miles